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Karen Jerzyk
Hi! Just wanted to pass along that I will have a gallery opening at Treehouse Studios in Plymouth, MA on October 2nd (event details can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/905399742900010/?ti=icl ). It would be wonderful if you and some of your staff could attend. I have shown my work internationally, but never in the Plymouth area. Thanks for your time! Karen Jerzyk
continued... a tip because of the attitude and pushback we received; however, this is no way to act as a professional on the clock. We have been to your restaurant many times in the past because of the positive experience we have had as a party with food allergies, and unfortunately now we will not be returning.
continued... let us explain and continued to say he would "be doing us a favor". This did not sit well with us, as having a deadly food allergy is not something that requires favors...it is something that a restaurant has a legal obligation to accommodate. He then proceeded to make the egg-free rice followed by the egg rice, which contaminated the grill so we wound up having to have our friend's meal made separately and it was delivered to him as everyone else at the table was finishing their meals. This whole experience drew a lot of unwanted attention to a 15 year old boy who was just trying to have a birthday celebration with his friends. Not only was this a hiccup in the meal experience, but the attitude that we received from the staff was only made that much worse when we were followed outside our cars by our waitress who told us to "have a nice night and please DO NOT EVER COME BACK". Really?? This was probably an upset response due to the fact that we decided not to leave
Hello, Last night I cam to your restaurant to celebrate my friend's birthday. One of my friend's 15 year old son attended and has an allergy to egg. We chose to come to your restaurant because he had been many times in the past and it had never been a problem - they just left egg out of the rice recipe on the hibachi table so that the surfaces weren't contaminated. Upon sitting down at out table last night, we notified our waitress and chef that he had an allergy and how it had been handled in the past. Instead of giving us an "ok" or problem solving with us, we were greeted with attitude and we were told that his food would just have to be made in the back because everyone else NEEDED to have egg (everyone else at the table seemed to not mind leaving it out). The chef then told us he would "do us a favor" and make the egg-free rice first and then follow with everyone else's food. We tried to tell him that this strategy would still leave egg residue on the grill, but he did not